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About Us

Taking care of our body seems so easy and sometimes we do not question things that we should.

In the summer of 2020 after driving for hours around the city looking for healthy soap we were able to locate one at the bottom shelf and just one bar it felt like an accomplishment but at the same time realizing that healthy soaps should be more accessible and not just for kids and for adults since our skin needs even more attention. When it was time to question our skincare products we noticed that everything around us was pretty much the same just with a different label. As they say, if you do not like the way something is being done then do it yourself. The idea of having a product with simple ingredients that can be understood and explained was really tempting and at that time a bit impossible. Something that will not just clean skin but also make it feel smooth and silky without damaging it. While taking care of ourselves is very important taking care of our involvement for our kids is just as important that's why our product and its packaging are eco-friendly. We strongly believe that changing the world starts with ourselves, with the way we feel inside and outside,​ and most importantly sharing it with others.

Beautifully crafted in the USA.​